Medical Facial Treatment

Jessner Effect

Includes Start Up Healthy Facial 

This highly specialized, progressive epidermal peel helps reverse signs of aging and/or treats resistant, impacted acne. The treatment consists of a leave-on chemical peel, which will continue to take effect for several hours after leaving the spa. The Jessner Effect highlights use of the self neutralizing Jessner Solution and use of the mesotherapy dermal pen, which provides deep dermal penetration and elevated results.

Post Care Precautions:

  • Avoid sun, heat and excessive dryness

  • No picking of peeling skin

  • Avoid intense exercise for two days

Without Mesotherapy Dermal Pen

With Mesotherapy Dermal Pen


Calming Post-Treatment (Recommended)

In approximately 7-10 days after the Jessner Solution application, you will come back for a calming post-treatment. This includes a calming mask and a 30 minute Celluma LED Light Therapy session.

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